Why Neuroinclusive?

If we haven’t met before I’m Maddy Alexander-Grout, the founder of Mad About Money App.

I started my money journey in £40,000 of debt due to undiagnosed ADHD spending addiction in my early 20’s, fast forward to now and I run Mad About Money which is a Neuroinclusive money app that helps people to achieve their money and wellbeing goals through the power of community.

We started out being “neurodivergent friendly” but something wasn’t quite sitting well with me.

We didn’t just want to be a money app that let in neurodivergent people, we wanted everyone to be on the same level as each other.

We wanted to help to educate people about the world of neurodivergence but we also wanted to include neurotypicals.

I started a cpd accreditation on neurodiversity in the workplace and came across the most amazing term , “Neuroinclusive”

And what it means is this…

Neuroinclusive means we support people and celebrate their superpowers, everyone brains operate differently. Neurodivergent conditions present themselves differently to each individual. What this really means is that everyone whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical are all neurodiverse.

Neuroinclusive means we can support people with their money regardless of what they have going on for them, whilst educating people with specific neurodivergent conditions how to manage their money and achieve their goals in a way that should help them best.

There are so many money apps out there, so many brilliant money apps but nothing that addresses money in the way the way do.

I have ADHD, I have Dyslexia, I have Dyspraxia, I have Dyscalculia , I have Autistic traits and I know that the way I see money is very different to a neurotypical person.

But I am all about inclusivity. Neuroinclusive is a very new term, it is really only used in the HR space to talk about employee diversity and inclusion.

But I think it is going to be a word that grows over time. And its out job to educate people on what it means to the Mad About Money Community.

What it means is that we focus our learning to support all brain types.

We deliver our training, mentoring and money education in way that people can learn in a variety of learning styles.

We are all different after all.

And there are so many things that affect how we manage our money.

Our lifestyle, our parenting, our wellbeing, our work situation, and the way our brains work.

So for that reason Mad About Money App will now be The Neuroinclusive Money App , helping people to achieve their money and wellbeing goals through the power of community.

It’s a word you will start seeing me speak about more. Vix my co-founder has just had her ADHD diagnosis and also has signs of other neurodivergent conditions.

So you have the support of two money specialists to help you withing the app.

So just to make it clear what we are doing here.

We are making a money community that support everyone.

It means a lot to me that everyone feels welcome.

And I feel the more we educate neurotypical people about neurodivergence the more neuroinclusive the world will be.

If you haven’t downloaded Mad About Money App yet do it! Its free to download for access to our community.

We have some new things coming a neuroinclusive money planner which should be available on Amazon Very soon!

A new membership for both individuals and business owners to support with extra training.

We also have a wellbeing solution for workplaces to offer to their teams as a benefit.

We are fund raising and looking for sponsors, investors and people to support us in helping people to be better with their money.

I am so excited to be doing my neurodiversity in the workplace training so that I can help to train managers how to support their teams! If you are looking to be a more neuroinclusive employer get in touch and we can chat about how I can help your organisation.

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