Welcome to the Mad House​

Money Business and Wellbeing for ADHD'ers

ADHD’ers make amazing entrepreneurs, we are driven, focussed and full of ideas, BUT we sometimes struggle to implement them, we get distracted, we spend to long in the planning stage, and we procrastinate.

Have you ever thought about how awesome your business would be if you had a bit more support? A community where you can run your ideas past people in a safe space, without judgement and get help to know you are on the right track?   A place where you can learn new things, a place where you are encouraged to look after yourself and where hustle culture is put in the bin! 

The Mad House is the membership that will help to un fog your brain, get you focussed for 2024 and balance your business, life and wellbeing to make you more successful and ultimately make you more money in your business.

Maddy & Vix are here to help you with business, money and your wellbeing to help to push you one step further ahead every day.

PS: You don’t need to have ADHD for this membership you could also have an invisible illness, be a parent , be struggling with peri-menopause etc! 

The Madhouse

£ 47
  • Monthly 90 min Group Coaching​​
  • Advert For Business On The Mad About Money App​
  • £35 Monthly Credit For Well-Being Platform​​
  • Pay Annually £499 & Get 90m minute personal coaching session with Maddy or Vix

Want to push your business Forward? - Join The Mad House

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then the Mad House can help. With a supportive community and expert guidance, you’ll be able to grow your following, increase engagement, drive more traffic and sales to your business, create a better work life balance and more all with Maddy to help you and a team of supportive business owners around you, Let get back in the game! 

So what are you waiting for? Join The Mad House get visible , make more money and recognition your business deserves!