About Mad About Money App

Hey, I'm Maddy

Im the founder of Mad About Money App,

I have had a bit of a crazy journey. I was in £40,000 of debt in my 20's , I was addicted to spending money with un- diagnosed ADHD.

After moving house to try and avoid my debts and having a nasty run in with a bailiff i knew I only had two options, going bankrupt or paying it off.

I came up with a plan to pay it off, I managed it in under 6 years, and came out with a 999 credit rating, debt free and a completely different person.

When I got made redundant from my corporate job I decided to set up a business, I had no idea what I was doing, I spent money on the wrong things, I had no idea how to grow an audience but I taught myself.

At all points in my money journey I have felt alone, getting out of debt was tough on my own and I just wished I had people on my journey with me that I could ask when I got stuck.

Setting up and growing a business was lonely, I just wanted some guidance but it was so expensive getting a coach.

So the idea for Mad About Money was born- A place where people could talk openly about money, life , mental health and business ,experience their journey with other people cheering them on.

Social media is addictive and people are leaving all the time due to the constant social pressures, people just want to be social, get support and help with their problems , they don't always want to grow an audience.

So i'm solving a problem, helping people to access support and education without having to grow a following , battle an algorithm or get sold to all the time.

Mad About Money is a place where you can learn about money, health and well-being in a social environment without the pressures of existing social media.

Mad About Money app is the UK's first social finance app , helping to support people wherever they are in their money journey.

Mad About Money has communities dedicated to debt support , money saving, neurodivergent money , planning for the future, kids and money, teen money, money mindset , well-being , family finances , budgeting, side hustles and entrepreneurship.

Every month we have a cost of living giveaway where we give away vouchers to one of our users, You can join the discount club within the app to save money on your everyday living expenses, read articles , watch videos, download our money toolkit for free to organise your personal or business finances better.
Ask questions of our experts, get peer to peer support and tips, and get social with your money.


Mad About Money is the podcast where we talk about your money story. 

Have you been in thousands of pounds of debt and come out the other side? Have you started a business from your kitchen table and made it a huge success? 

Have you made thousands of pounds from an interesting side hustle?

Or do you have something to teach people about money or entrepreneurship? Then get in touch! We are looking for inspiring guest to feature.

You can listen to Mad About Money in the app ,and it will be coming soon to other podcast platforms.

This season has hosted some amazing guests! So head to the app to check them out.