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I started a TikTok channel last year helping people with short sharp money tips and I realised how much I loved helping people.

I had an idea of an app that would give people tips but also a support system, accountability and help when they needed it. I started putting it all together.

It took 5 months of planning, designing and putting it all together. and I launched the app on the 4th of May , With no users! A brand new social media app with no one in it. I took a leap of faith. What if no one downloaded it and participated? I needed people to be in it to make it work. Luckily just over a month later we have now got over 1,000 users! And its starting to get busy.

So who is Mad About Money for?

It’s a social media app dedicated to personal finance and entrepreneurship, its for anyone really. But we have specific groups to support different demographics. We have a group to support neurodivergent people with their money , with a particular focus on spending addiction. We have a parent savers group , a well-being group because its my true belief that if you are not healthy it takes its toll on your finances. We have a planning for the future section for mortgage, pensions and investing.

We have a group for network marketers , we have a side hustles group and a group for entrepreneurs to help them to grow their business.

Its all about helping people at whatever stage they are in their life with money.

What are the features?

It’s social media so the main function of it is the feed, where people can ask money or business questions, post about their wins and their struggles. Its a very positive place to be.

We do regular cost of living giveaways where we pick people at random who are users in the app to win vouchers.

We have a library of trackers, debt trackers, store cupboard trackers, subscription trackers , budget trackers and so much more.

You can watch videos of the Mad About Money Podcast where I interview people about their money journey.

You can read articles , find discounts and join the discount club Mad About Discounts to save on your everyday living expenses.

You have your own profile within the app , but we specifically made it so that people couldn’t follow each other, or add people as friends. Its all about education and support and we didn’t want people to worry about having to grow a following.

You can advertise your business for just £7 a month, if you join our business club The Mad House and get tons of other awesome perks including group coaching sessions weekly with me, expert slots in the app and so much more for just £39

so Download Mad About Money in the App stores now – its free! and it will help you with so much!

Download Mad About Money on Google Play

Download Mad About Money on IOS make sure you have a read of the reviews 🙂

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